Radiology Reports

3D Mobile Scan includes a comprehensive radiology report through with every scan. Diagnostic radiology reports designed and structured to concisely address the clinical questions. Open each Study Purpose title for specific information on TMD, Orthodontic, Pathosis, Impaction Localization, Implant, and Airway Radiology Reports and other services. Beamreaders deliver accurate, precise radiology reports and diagnostic services in a prompt, confidential and  secure manner. Your reports will be available to you whenever you need them with a secure login at giving you access to past reports up to a year old.  

“Our Mission is to integrate renowned diagnostic expertise, domain knowledge, research, and technology with clinical practice to enhance patient care and the clinician’s workflow.”

BeamReaders’ Imaging Reports are designed to address the clinical purpose of the case. BeamReaders’ Oral & Maxillofacial Radiologists first review and report the primary Diagnostic Objectives pertaining to the identified clinical purpose. Then the OMFR does a complete pathosis review and includes significant findings in the radiology report.

BeamReaders’ Imaging Reports are built on a foundation of key Diagnostic Objectives that addresses each Study Purpose. This provides our referring doctors with an understanding of our OMFRs’ structured review process. It also allows BeamReaders to ensure consistency in report quality, and to tailor reports to specific clinician requirements.

A unique and valuable benefit of BeamReaders’ Imaging Report services is the OMFR peer consultation and collaboration that happens behind the scenes on difficult cases. Many difficult cases are reviewed and discussed by the BeamReaders’ Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology team and the consensus opinion is drafted into a report.

BeamReaders also provides tools such as the Session Comment feature that allow you to collaborate with the radiologist to clarify specific questions and to share the case with peers. BeamReaders’ CaseShare feature is a powerful collaboration tool that allows you to securely share cases with your peers and moves dentistry into the digital era.

25 Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologists

BeamReaders’ OMFR team created and maintains Diagnostic Objectives

Difficult cases reviewed by multiple OMFR

Easily communicate with BeamReaders’ OMFR on case questions

24/7 HIPAA compliant access from anywhere

Cloud storage

Case Collaboration

Sample Report: BeamReaders Diagnostic Radiology Report

Additional available services:

Implant Planning

We offer a full range of services for Implant Planning and Surgical Guides to meet all doctors requirements. Our clinically-driven experts will work with you and your team from the beginning to the end to maximize success. Review the full range of services at

Simplant Conversions

BeamReaders uses the latest SimPlant software and advanced techniques to create exceptional 3D models from cone beam CT data as part of the SimPlant Conversion Process. We’ve worked with data sets from all the leading CBCT manufacturers. Our team has been working with CBCT data in SimPlant since 2004.

Compare of 3D modeling in SimPlant to the models you and your collegues are currently using to diagnose and treatment plan your cases. We take extreme care to ensure that we are providing the most accurate 3D model of your patient’s anatomy.

Our SimPlant conversion also includes drawing the panoramic curve and mapping the inferior alveolar nerve.

Let BeamReaders do your next SimPlant conversion so you can experience the difference and benefits.

Anatomical Illustrations

BeamReaders’ offers a library of Anatomical Illustrations and custom design services to create the exact Anatomical Illustration you need.