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CBCT 3D imaging technology is far superior to conventional 2D dental imaging, as it enables practitioners to visualize all dental and facial structures in three dimensions and identify potential pathologic hard tissue lesions, provides superior and most accurate diagnosis and treatment planning in general dentistry, periodontics, implant planning, oral maxillo-facial surgical cases, and orthodontics. It […]

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3D MOBILE SCAN will travel to your home, work place or dentist’s office for your convenience. 3D MOBILE SCAN simplifies what is otherwise a prolonged, time consuming, and open ended process. Imagine the convenience of having a CT scan performed AT YOUR DOOR in our state of the art mobile platform. As our name states, we are mobile and will perform this valuable service at your site.

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Best Image Quality of All Cone Beam Machines

Rotating Anode

NTVG does not use a traditional fixed anode, as many of our competitors do. Instead we use a Rotating Anode which has a number of advantages. The biggest advantage is that the rotating anode is the resulting smaller focal spot. This has a direct effect [...]



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