CBCT Advantages

Why 3D Imaging?

NewTom Mobile CBCT Imaging Ortho Virtual Models

    QR’s introduction of 3D Cone Beam CT (CBCT) technology to the dental industry represents a quantum leap in diagnostic and treatment planning capabilities over conventional two-dimensional imaging, and at the forefront of this imaging revolution are the NewTom family of CBCT scanners.

    A single NewTom ConeBeam CT scan captures a complete dento-maxillo-facial record in the form of a database of digital image information from which multiple types of 3D images, including primary reconstruction images in multiple planes, can be created using the system software. Because it provides precise 1:1 scale imaging, NewTom technology eliminates the magnification errors of conventional cephalometric imaging technology. In fact, this new imaging technology is so powerful that it is rapidly becoming the standard of care, especially for implantologists, orthodontists, periodontists, and oral/maxillo-facial surgeons.

    Because CBCT imaging technology is far superior to conventional 2D imaging, it enables practitioners to better identify potential problems in orthodontic, periodontal, implant, and maxillo-facial surgical cases. In addition, however, it also allows the dental professional to identify other potentially serious problems, including such things as airway passage obstructions and soft tissue abnormalities, which 2D systems simply cannot reveal. And the documented improved accuracy and precision of CBCT images help avoid potential mistakes due to such things as image distortion and magnification common with 2D imaging technology.

Reduce Your Liability Exposure

CBCT Imaging is characterized by:

  • Extraordinary accuracy
  • Rapid scan time
  • Reduced radiation dose
  • Unmatched three-dimensional image reconstruction capabilities

    Because of this, CBCT technology can be instrumental in avoiding liability in many cases, especially where conditions not discovered through conventional imaging later caused problems for the patient that could be potentially laid at the feet of the dentist. This new technology helps provide an additional layer of protection against potential malpractice suits.

Images From Recent Scans

    The images below were produced through Anatomage Invivo 5 implant planning software using the dicom data from a CBCT Scan on a NewTom VG CBCT dental scanner. These images are to show the quality of the scans and demonstrate the available applications for the CBCT scan data, (Dicom). Quadrants were cropped to clean the images for digital implant planning. Our CBCT scans cover all four quadrants on every scan, which are view-able on the included discs containing a full dental viewer, (NNT Viewer) and Dicom data which can be used in 3rd part software or companies.