Advantages of 3-D Cone Beam imaging for patients

Cone beam volumetric tomography captures volumes of data taken in one 360-degee rotation about patient’s head. Each volume “touches” adjacent volume to avoid distortion and error in reformatted studies.

  • SafeBeam technology = lower radiation for patients and staff
  • Takes about 15 seconds to complete one NewTom VG scan with only 3.6 seconds of actual radiation exposure
  • Infinite number of 3-D views created from one scan taken in seconds
  • Cone-beam scans avoids the error found in medical CT scans
  • 3D MOBILE SCAN will travel to you
  • Dentist-owned

3D Mobile Scan will arrive prior to the remade appointment time, at your dentist office, oral surgeon or physician’s office for your convenience. 3D Mobile Scan simplifies what is otherwise a prolonged, time consuming, and open ended process. Imagine the convenience of having a CT scan service delivered to you in our state of the art mobile platform.

NewTom Safe Beam Technology Ensuring Patient Safety

Our NewTom VG employs Safe Beam technology, which means that it automatically adjusts the radiation dosage according to the patient’s age and size.  This technology utilizes intermittent bursts of radiation only milliseconds in duration during image acquisition, and not the constant radiation stream typical of many other CBCT imaging products, patient’s exposure to radiation is in most cases significantly less than that of other systems.  Children, for example, receive up to 40% less radiation than adults during a typical scan.  NewTom’s Safe Beam image acquisition is the proven safe technology available today, for both patients and dental team.

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